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I have an issue…not tooth related.

15 Dec

I am a reader.  I am an AVID reader. I am rarely without a book in progress.  September of last year my husband (with help from our ultra generous family) bought me an iPad.  My youngest son was only a couple of months old and it was difficult (not impossible, just difficult) to read and nurse him at the same time.  It was close to impossible to read and pump at the same time.  Being able to hold my reading material and turn a page with one hand was a beautiful thing.  The added bonus from my husband’s perspective was that he was not always tripping over or trying to find a place to store the copious amount of paperbacks in my possession.  I consume books at a startling pace and those objects take up a lot of space.  An added bonus from my perspective as a tired mother of two young sons was that I did not have to change out of my pajamas when I needed a new book.  I could indulge in a little “instant gratification”.  When I finished a book I could purchase another and be reading again in minutes.  That is a serious modern luxury.  Since the iPad moved in with us I have read around 145 books on it.  I say “around” because while there are 127 book in my digital library it doesn’t include the books that I checked out online from the public library, read, and returned.  145 is probably too conservative. That is an impressive number of books in 12 months.  (I doubt it rivals my mother-in-law or my brother-in-law.  From what I know they run circles around my book consumption.)

I am bad at math, but not that bad at math.  I know that since September of last year until now is more than 12 months.  Here is my issue.  I haven’t read a book in 3 months.  I know, right?  (I will amend that statement to say that I haven’t read any fiction in 3 months and fiction is my drug of choice.  I did read “Raising Your Spirited Child” which I highly recommend if you suspect you might have a spirited child.)  Why haven’t I read a novel in 3 months?  There are plenty of good ones out there.  I even have 1 in my library that I haven’t read yet that sounds really interesting.  (“The Name of the Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss.)  I haven’t started a new book yet because I loved the last ones so much.  This summer I started reading the “Song of Fire and Ice” series by George R. R. Martin.  This series is slightly different from my usual read but not so different as to be out of the realm of possibility for me.  I like fantasy.  That is what it is.  If you haven’t read them then you wouldn’t know that each of the 5 books that are out right now are around 900 pages.  I was invested in this reading experience and it paid me back by being satisfying, dramatic, and engaging.  I enjoyed them enough to now feel paralyzed when it comes to starting a new adventure.  Is that uncommon?  It hasn’t happened to me before.  The series isn’t complete yet.  I hear there are at least 2 more books planned.  Starting a new book almost feels like cheating.  I am not done with these characters.  I want (need) to know what happens. My goodness, I even dressed up our kids like characters from this series.

I know I need to move on.  There was a 5 year gap between books 4 and 5.  I can’t go that long without reading.  I need the escape it provides me.

I am acting like a love-sick teenager or a junkie.  “He broke my heart, but there is chance he will come back.  I won’t look at another boy.  I will wait for him.” or “I don’t want your crack.  I want my heroin.”

Help me out here.  A bit of my reality has been sucking pretty hard lately.  This girl needs a little distraction.

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