If you found this blog looking for images and/or information about my artwork, I suggest visiting my website.  While that work is surely mentioned here you will probably be bored senseless wading through all the stories about my family.

Cast of Characters:

Sheila (me): 37 years old, wife, mother of 2 little boys, artist (photography), professor, and generally pleasant individual (unless I am tired, overwhelmed, frustrated, ill, un or under caffeinated, cleaning the house, lifting a heavy object, confused, or hungry).

Rich: 37 years old, husband, father of 2 little boys, artist (sculpture), lab tech, handsome, smart, handy, and a very patient and considerate man.

Alastair: 4 years old, “spirited” child, smart, adorable (of course), feisty, Montessori student, picky eater, perpetual critic, hates loud sounds unless it is his own voice,  and NEVER boring.

Ephraim: 16 months old, a suspected “spirited” child, has around 15 words and a little sign language, proficient walker, co-sleeper, Montessori student, adorable (of course), never sits still for over 5 minutes at a time, and also NEVER boring.

Teacher: 7+ years old, dog (Jack Russel), nuts, only listens to Rich, rescue, and remarkably good with the kids.

Mars: 2+ years old, fish (Beta), red and frilly, fairly inactive, lets me pet him, and can make an impressive bubble nest.


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