An argument so good he almost got his way.

6 Nov

It doesn’t happen everyday, but on occasion my 4-year-old will give me an intellectual run for my money.  On this particular day he wanted a popsicle before dinner.  His first two attempts at persuasion fell flat.  It was the third that slacken my jaw.

A: Can I have a popsicle?

Me: Not before dinner.

A: I can’t eat dinner.  Real food gives me green face.  (We make the distinction between play food/treats which are fun to eat but don’t have any nutritional value and real food which is at least somewhat good for the body and green face=nausea…it is from a book we read to him when he was tiny).

Me: Nice try.

A:  I think I am allergic to real food.  It makes me itchy and crabby.

Me: You are getting more creative my love.

A: You just won’t understand.

Me: You would be surprised how much I understand.  I am pretty smart.

A: Fine.  I can’t eat dinner because then I won’t be hungry.

Me: That is the point of eating dinner.

A: Ugh!  If I am not hungry I won’t want a popsicle.

Me: That is a problem?

A: Yes!  I want to want the popsicle.  If I am not hungry I won’t want the popsicle and it tastes better when I want it.  I want to want it!

Wow.  That is the truth.  There are a number of things in life that are infinitely more satisfying if you get them when you really want them.  Of course, there are things that are better if you wait.  I know that.  Still, that was a damn good argument and I almost fell for it.  Almost.  My brain kicked in and I thought, “He has to be well nourished to be able to reason that well.  It is my responsibility as his parent to see to that.  He thinks well if he eats well.  No popsicle before dinner.”

I won’t relay his reaction when I congratulated him on his rationalization but still said no.  It makes him seem far less charming.


2 Responses to “An argument so good he almost got his way.”

  1. Rant Rave Write November 9, 2011 at 4:55 pm #

    Ok, we are not only close to being the same Mom, we have the same kid! But I’m a dumbass. I would have told him that I appreciated his logic, and the fact that he thought it through so carefully. His reward for this? The damn popsicle, of course.

    • sheilatalbitzer November 9, 2011 at 8:12 pm #

      He didn’t get his way that time. I didn’t write about the time he actually did convince me to let him have an Icee early one Sunday morning while we were grocery shopping. I felt like such a loser mom when I noticed the looks from the other parents in the store. I wanted to yell at them that he gave me a really solid reason why he needed it but I figured that would just make me look worse.

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